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The World speeds up on the internet: people make decisions in the blink of an eye. So when you tempt someone on to your website it’s vital that you hold their attention.

Your website also has to be built to a high standard to meet various statutory requirements. Search engines such as Google require the code to be lean and efficient. The EU Disabilities Act requires the site to be accessible to all members of society, so it's essential that you are backed by a web design company that knows exactly what is required to steer you towards online success.

Visually Stunning

Beblueinc Infocode specialise in designing and developing web sites from SMEs to Corporate industries. We have proven experience in designing sites across all market sectors. The scale of projects we undertake varies from small brochure style web sites to large database-driven web sites with e-commerce capability.

Business Goal

We’ll not only ensure that your site looks great but we’ll also build it so it can shift with your business. And we’ll do it cleverly, without wasting money on bells and whistles you don’t need.

Website - Content Management System

At Beblueinc Infocode we keep content management simple: you won’t find convoluted HTML, boring templates, badly written machine code, or confusing user interfaces on any of our customer websites. Getting CMS wrong can be an instant turn-off for search engines, losing your site valuable visitor traffic.

A good CMS can make it much easier to manage your site because it lets you create, edit and generally control content without needing any specialist technical know-how.

CMS solutions

Importantly, we’ll keep things simple. With our CMS solutions nothing is baffling or intimidating, so you stay firmly in control. And if along the way we think you could do with extra CMS functions, we’ll tell you things such as:

  • Enews integration
  • News manager
  • Discussion forums
  • Vacancy manager
  • Password-protected
  • Guest books
  • Blog
  • and etc

Design Process

Our design process offers maximum creativity throughout the web design process enabling our clients to offer feedback as as the web site progresses. Our web developers can work in any technology to suit the project whether that's a fully customised build or using open source technologies such as WordPress and Joomla.

Graphic Design

We love talking to their clients. It helps channel their innovative ideas into something focus and visually powerful. Design is nothing if it doesn’t appeal to your market

Be seen, be recognised, and be remembered. You may have the best product on the market, but unless you have appealing design and an innovative marketing spin it may never succeed. Your corporate literature is the first and defining impression you make on a new customer. It’s vital to get it right.

Cutting-Edge Design

One of Beblueinc Infocode's key services is graphic design, the development and delivery of corporate literature. Whether you want company brochures, newsletters, annual reports, folders, booklets, or direct mail leaflets, we provide a cutting-edge design service.

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Our custom brand and design packages are completely bespoke to your needs. With your specifications, we start with a blank canvas and produce a number of custom design concepts.

Social Media

It is making use of the facebook page to enhance knowledge of your product or services. This involves first driving the right people to your facebook page and keeping them engaged with you. The first step is identifying your target market and attracting them to your page. This is the most difficult part of the process. How to get your potential clients to view and like your page.

Done the right way, social media can work to your advantage. With the leading social networks each having their own strength and demographic following, ask us which one will be best suited for your business.

Multiple Channels

We develop and execute cost-effective integrated online marketing campaigns that target your audience through multiple channels. We monitor and analyse all activity and provide meaningful and useful management reports. Online Marketing can promote your brand to either a wide or a specifically targeted audience, depending on your aims.

The second step is keeping them interested in your page. If you do not engage them regularly, you will lose them.

Tangible Benefits

The best online Marketing efforts create tangible benefits for your business. At Beblueinc Infocode we are, above everything, concerned with tangible benefits and a significant return on investment (ROI) for our clients.


Buying online is now something that the majority of us have done at some point, and most of us do frequently, even to the point of having your groceries delivered to your door.

eCommerce is now as vital a part of retail business as the cash register. At Beblueinc Infocode we have long experience in integrating websites with the major payment processing services, including Paypal and iPay88.

We’ll guide you through the various eCommerce levels – from one-click payment for a single item to recurring subscriptions and complex shopping cart applications. And whatever level you choose, we’ll keep our eye firmly on ease of use and smart design.

For any organisation selling products or services, it is more essential then ever to ensure you can sell effectively on the Internet.

eCommerce Solutions

  • Self-management of all products, categories, orders, shipping calculations, and so forth.
  • Self-management of discounts or promotional items
  • Integration with a payment provider such as PayPal and iPay88.
  • Featured products for the home page and category pages
  • Stock management facilities.
  • Search-engine friendly design


  • Our design expertise will ensure that you website looks extremely professional to attract potential clients
  • Flexible approach. If you have a preferred shopping cart or payment provider then we're happy to work with them
  • High level security. World-class encryption ensures that your client's payments are safe.
  • Self-management of all products, categories, orders, shipping calculations, and so forth.
  • Customer tracking and order database.
  • Automatic email invoicing.
  • Full future support
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